EaglesEarnings Affiliate Program

It is important to read the terms and conditions of our affiliate program carefully.

Submission of your registration under the EaglesEarnings program will deem that you are bound by the terms and conditions as mentioned below.

I . Definitions

1. Site (website) indicates the EaglesEarnings website or any other site that promotes their brands.

2. Player is an individual who enters one of our sites and plays free games or real money games.

3. Tracker is the unique URL provided by EaglesEarnings to you. It is used to track your performance and calculate commissions earned by you

4. Creative tools are the text links and banners that you can utilize on your sites, social media platforms, emails and other advertisements to direct traffic to our online brands.

5. Deposit is the real money paid by players on our websites.

6. Commissions are the revenue (monies) received by an affiliate based on deposits made by players directed from the affiliate’s traffic.

7. CPA or Cost per Acquisition is the commission model that indicates the revenue an affiliate will earn for each qualifying real money deposit made by a player. CPA revenue is paid on a monthly basis.

EaglesEarnings retains the right to refuse affiliates from certain jurisdictions at its own discretion.

‘Abusive Player’ is deemed as a player that does not comply with our policy.

‘Duplicate Player’ is a term used to identify players who have opened more than one account on any of our sites.

In the case of an ‘Abusive Player’ or ‘Duplicate Player’ arising out of a CPA deal, the concerned affiliate will not earn commissions based on the identified player.

8. Revshare(revenue share) is a commission model where the affiliate earns a percentage on their player’s deposit.

9. Hybrid deal is a combination of a CPA and revenue share model. Commissions are paid monthly in the middle of the month based on our data.

10. Fraud Traffic denotes traffic that does not comply with the EaglesEarnings policy. This can be in the form of fictitious players who do not make a deposit or request charge-backs. It also indicates players that an affiliate may pay to get registered and accept a payment from the concerned affiliate as a reward.

11. Sub-Affiliate is an affiliate introduced by you to EaglesEarnings. You will receive a percentage from the sub-affiliates’ commissions. The amount of percentage awarded depends on negotiations between the affiliate and us. It is important notify us of any sub-affiliates.

12. A chargeback is an amount returned to a depositing player or the owner of a credit card who used the card solely for the purpose of making the deposit. Charge-backs may occur if a stolen credit card is used or when a player requests it from his/her bank. Please note any charge-backs will be deducted from the respective affiliate’s commission.

II . Our Rights and Obligations

1. The registration of the players

EaglesEarnings remains committed to registering your affiliates and tracking their performance. We retain the right to refuse players and even close their accounts in case of any reported abuse and in compliance with any terms that may be periodically modified or appended.

2. The tracking of the players play

We assign our commitment to tracking every player’s play and provide you with performance reports on a regular basis.

3. Optimization of campaigns

Any campaigns run in connection with our partnership under the EaglesEarnings program will be optimized to provide you with the maximum benefits and profits.

4. Payment of commissions

We promise to pay our affiliates for real money deposits made by players coming from your traffic. Commissions are paid out for a minimum of €250. Any commission less than the stipulated amount will be carried forward. Affiliates are paid commissions between the 25th to the 30th of each month. All payments are paid out in Euros and are based solely on our data.

5. Deposits refusal

EaglesEarnings retains the right to refuse deposits made by certain players. Commissions from such players will not be paid while the player’s deposit will be refunded.

6. Modification of the Terms and Conditions

We reserve the right to modify any of the Terms and Conditions mentioned.


III . Obligations of the affiliates

1. Linking to our Brand

You hereby agree to add a unique link of our brand site provided by us to your site. This may include a text line or banners. We also allow traffic from PPC, social media campaigns and emails. However, we cannot be held responsible for third party spam.

2. Spam

Any unauthorized use of our Site will lead to termination of this agreement. We cannot in any way be held responsible for any unauthorized advertising you may be accused of.

3. Exclusivity

We do not grant any Affiliate the exclusive right to our websites or affiliation programs in any manner whatsoever. Therefore, you cannot claim revenue from other affiliates and their activities. EaglesEarnings retains the right to recruit affiliates and are not obliged to disclose their identity to you or any other third party.

4. Approval of creative tools

We may periodically allow affiliates to use creative tools such as text links and banners not created by us. Any creative tools that are not provided by EaglesEarnings must be approved by us prior to using them.

5. Business reputation and Good Faith

As an affiliate you are bound to work in a manner that will uphold our reputation and undertake not to promote our sites in a way that could jeopardize our reputation. We retain the right to discontinue our partnership with any affiliate who we may have good reason to believe that their traffic is of low quality or done intentionally to damage our activities.

6. Confidentiality

As an Affiliate you undertake not to disclose information, publicize, or share confidential information about EaglesEarnings to any third party. A breach of confidentiality will result in immediate termination of this agreement.

7. Respect of the deals

You agree that as an Affiliate you are bound by the terms of this agreement. The license is not transferable while you do not have the right to give tracking links provided by us to third parties. Any breach in the deal will lead to termination of this agreement where any payments of commissions can be withheld.

8. Chargebacks and commissions

EaglesEarnings reserves the right to deduct any chargeback requested from a player to the concerned Affiliate’s commission.

9. Players who are affiliates

We do not guarantee to pay Affiliates any winnings if they sign up as a player at one of our brand sites. We reserve the right to decide if they will be paid any winnings or not.

10. Brand Names/Trademarks

Affiliates can only use the names of our brands explicitly with our approval and authorization. Approval is also mandatory prior to running any PPC campaigns involving our brands.

Once the Affiliate signs this agreement it will be deemed to be in force.

If an Affiliate desires to terminate this agreement, they must provide us with a written request.

IV Upon termination:

  • All banners and tracking links must be removed
  • The Affiliate will not retain any right to request EaglesEarnings to ban players they may have brought to us during the term of the agreement.
  • The last amount of commission may be withheld if the agreement is terminated due to a violation on the concerned Affiliate’s part.
  • We retain the right to terminate an agreement with the Affiliate at our discretion.
  • The staff of EaglesEarnings cannot be held responsible if you do not succeed in reaching the obligations with us.
  • EaglesEarnings cannot be held responsible if you use creative tools not authorized by us.

Affiliate Payment Method :

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